Adult ADHD Research: Keep An Open Mind!

Though it takes precious time, adult ADHD research has changed millions of lives, and will continue to bring breakthroughs! - Jeff Emmerson

Though it takes precious time, adult ADHD research has changed millions of lives, and will continue to bring breakthroughs! – Jeff Emmerson

By Jeff Emmerson

None of us know it all. That’s the beauty and the curse of all this mental health awareness. We’ve got everything to gain through continually investing in adult ADHD research and mental health research in general, but a ton to lose every single day in the meantime as people suffer from life-changing conditions that result in any number of tragic conclusions, which you can imagine in your head. If someone did know it all, at least we’d have these fragile brains figured out. Who knows. I prefer not to live in a fantasy world, so raising invaluable awareness throughout the online world is my way of giving back to the world after taking for a long time, though I had no other choice – I had to get my head straight, to follow my heart and figure out the formula for a truly successful, satisfying life. At least I’m here with this blog right now. I’m putting my determination and daily commitment (as well as my passion) toward opening eyes all over the globe, as I always say.

I’m doing my best, and researchers all over the world are doing amazing things research-wise! We don’t hear a lot about it, but behind the doors of universities, short and longer-term studies are going on as you read this. When a discovery is made, you’ll be sure to read about it here in The Adult ADHD Blog, and through my column at EverydayHealth.

While we wait for new breakthroughs, it’s really up to each of us to do all we can to learn about adult ADHD research, ways to minimize our symptoms, and medications that can be used if needed to help with the 10% of living with adult ADHD and any co-existing condition(s) a person might have. The other 90% really is the ways, the tools, and the tips for dealing with our minds, our behaviors. We’ve got to be as in control of ourselves as possible to live fuller lives with these conditions. No doubt about it. We can’t simply depend on a drug to do it for us! Take that from me.

At the hospital I work at, I witness patients going through their own personal battles with mental health, and it breaks my heart, but I do my best to be “the nice security guard,” empower them, and be a positive person in uniform as best I can. I get Moms, Dads and the patients themselves thanking me out of the blue for simply “being kind,” and wow, does that ever touch me deeply, as a guy who was once in a psych ward himself.

Why do I mention that? Because in the meantime, while the researchers are doing their job, we can all do our own part to help our fellow human beings get through another hour, another day by simply being kind. It won’t “fix” or save everyone, but we CAN and DO make a difference through being compassionate human beings who realize that mental health is NO ONE’S FAULT. Period.

As I continue on my mission, take the ride with me as I become a published author, explode this blog over time, and change lives through (you guessed it) simply being kind and sharing my battle for everyone to see. You see what we can do when we put our minds to it? It takes time, but that time will pass anywayREACH for your goals. You inspire others automatically that way, more than you realize! People are watching us when we don’t know it. They see how we speak, how we live, and how passionate we are. WE are the example.

You CAN Do Great Things By Managing Adult ADHD Symptoms!

I FINALLY found myself on the road to long-term success through my diagnosis and being honest to myself about my areas to work on behavior-wise. That set me free! - Jeff Emmerson

I FINALLY found myself on the road to long-term success through my diagnosis and being honest to myself about my areas to work on behavior-wise. That set me free! – Jeff Emmerson

By Jeff Emmerson

This is so true – SO true, my friends. Of course, it depends on the severity of your symptoms and any co-existing condition(s) present in your life, but let me give you the single biggest piece of advice I ever could: Keep an open mind! As frustrated, furious, annoyed, anxious or depressed you get, there IS a way to unlock your combination to a vault of greater success in life – in relationships, your career, your mindset about life, and in other areas. The answer is in your attitude, and in the time you put in toward self-awareness and challenging your “comfort zone” for stretching yourself toward new patterns of behavior. I’m saying that for the record, since it has literally changed my life over the last year and a half, with no signs of stopping. I get it now, more than I ever have, and thank God I do, or I probably wouldn’t be here to type this right now – The Adult ADHD Blog wouldn’t even exist, which would be tragic for all of us. We NEED stories of real-life people (as opposed to academics or physicians alone) overcoming mental health battles and winning in life. We truly do, more than ever.

When we find our individual “blueprint” to success, which usually takes a lot of trial and error (as it should – this is YOUR life, no one else’s!), we’re changed people. We can’t be stopped from succeeding in a more fulfilling, self-directed life of beauty, gratitude and all that comes with it. When we know the challenging behaviors that can hold us back, we can minimize them, and allow ourselves to shine through our talents – our strengths! This is so damn true. Just look at this blog! In a relatively short time, I’m reaching literally hundreds of thousands of people each month here and with EverydayHealth, exploding adult ADHD awareness! Twitter is exploding for me as well, now that I’ve found the formula for building my following organically, properly, over time. You see? The same goes for our lives! Find your own formula over time (it does NOT come overnight, I won’t lie to you), and it will be so damn rewarding that you’ll never be who you were ever again, in a great way. It’s a true “awakening,” and I’m leading by example, driven to inspire millions out there who face similar mental health challenges. I’ve found my formula for success, my “big-picture blueprint” in each area of my life that allows me to get out of my own way symptom-wise to let success and joy back into my life. God, it’s about time. I’ll be 38 this year.

I talk with people from all walks of life – from counselors to doctors, pharmaceutical companies to kindergarten teachers, literary agents to psychiatric nurses……and so on. The common theme of the feedback I’m receiving is that people are really inspired and “refreshed” by finding out that this blog, written by an everyday person just like you has been created and is gaining some serious momentum month by month. As I pursue a book deal this year, my vision is to reach so many more people over the coming years!

Count on me to make that happen. I don’t take this responsibility lightly.

Help me spread the word for mental health and adult ADHD awareness! Adult ADHD symptoms and being aware of how they can hurt your life is the first step. Be honest with yourself, as tough as it is to do at times, and watch your life change for the better, just like mine is. I couldn’t mean this more personally and strongly! Watch as I show what can be done when we believe, my friends! Take this ride with me! We’re all in this together, damn it! It’s about time, isn’t it?