My Adult ADHD Diagnosis: A Second Chance!

My Adult ADHD diagnosis in 2011 changed my life! FINALLY I had some answers!

My Adult ADHD diagnosis in 2011 changed my life! FINALLY I had some answers!

By Jeff Emmerson

For anyone dealing with an Adult ADHD diagnosis: Please know that you’re not alone! I was diagnosed in 2011 after my near-suicide, and though I found myself devastated that it took so long to come to light, at least I could finally understand what the heck I’d been dealing with for most of my life! The diagnosis changed everything for me, and I was able to know why I had behaved the way I did in the past, learn to accept my new diagnosis, and have concrete ways for minimizing the destructive behaviours that had been causing my life so much havoc.

Because of my ADHD diagnosis, I now live a much more peaceful, satisfying life! Every morning I practice mindfulness, as I have recently “let go” of the obsessive need for control over my future, I eat and drink slower than I did to savour every bite or sip, and I enjoy being the calm one at my 9 to 5 job. I understand that I’m already enough, already capable of living a truly successful life while living in the moment. I wouldn’t be able to do this to the same level without the diagnosis, I’m convinced. Sure – I could try, and I have tried before, but the peace of mind that my Adult ADHD diagnosis has brought me is absolutely delicious. Not perfect, but it offers me the answers I have sought for many, many years. There’s beauty and evolution in that realization.

If you have recently been diagnosed, or you know someone who has, allow yourself the feelings that come and go – anger, hurt, frustration that it took so damn long to figure it out: these are completely natural, understandable feelings! Once you accept yourself as someone who has ADHD/ADD and learn to live with it, you can truly begin to live a better life! You really can. If you didn’t have the diagnosis, you wouldn’t know what you were fighting symptom-wise! You might not even have realized how it was destroying aspects of your life one bit at a time until it was too late.

How many people are out there, part of the 85% of adults who actually have ADHD but aren’t diagnosed? Millions, I say. Millions and millions who are self-medicating, making life-altering (bad) decisions in their financial, love and career lives! How many are in jails or prisons? How many might be successful in one area, only to be suffering very deeply inside?

Even if an Adult ADHD diagnosis is angering, hard to accept, or hurts you in some other way, at  least you KNOW what you’re battling! I wish to God I would have known sooner, but at least I know! If it wasn’t for this diagnosis, I may have made a second attempt on my life, and I just might have succeeded. I couldn’t tell why the hell I was the way I was, and it was frustrating me to the point of exhaustion and despair! I was ready to die over having had ENOUGH.

Thank God for my diagnosis!

**Please help spread the word about The Adult ADHD Blog! For the 85% of adults who are still undiagnosed, it’s a fight for their lives – make no mistake.

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  1. I was just diagnosed, officially, although I knew enough to suspect the cause of my problems. I, too, have begun treatments, both self actualized, and medical. It is too early to say, but the confidence of knowing I am dealing with this issue, while not doing away with the paranoia and some self doubts, has allowed me to focus on my job, and work to meet the expectations of managers (actually understand why they ask for things) to assist them in meeting their responsibilities as well as performing better at mine. Good article, and don’t hesitate to seek help rather than an out.

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