Adult ADHD and Shame!

Shame (and guilt) can literally tear our lives apart! Once we embrace it and let it go with a new perspective, life opens up to us! - Jeff Emmerson

Shame (and guilt) can literally tear our lives apart! Once we embrace it and let it go with a new perspective, life opens up to us! – Jeff Emmerson

By Jeff Emmerson

Wow, can shame ever destroy lives! I know – that’s stating the obvious, but I can’t drill this one home enough for the purposes of reaching out to others with Adult ADHD! After all, we are some of the most spontaneous, determined, creative people out there. Plus, if you’re anything like me, you’ve screwed something up such as your schooling, relationships, or by burning out with having a lot of goals during your life. The shame starts to build with ADHD, since we don’t walk that “straight linear path” that the masses do. The irony here is that we have the potential to inspire people all over the world, to do great things with our lives! Adult ADHD symptoms often sabotage our progress, though. Don’t they?

Absolutely. If we let them.

Coming to terms with exactly what symptoms get in our way isn’t easy for any of us. After all, it takes a great deal of looking inward very honestly to grasp exactly what’s going on. Without going inside ourselves to see the issues that hurt us as we go through life, we cannot hope to embrace these issues and learn to counteract them as soon as they appear. I felt shame for most of my life due to my early years, and my subsequent learning lessons, or “mistakes.” The issue really starts to scar us when we repeat patterns of behaviour that result in negative experiences. Going to jail was one of the eventual results for me after not controlling my mouth during anger, an emotion that needed to be looked at deeply in counseling sessions, which I fortunately did look into. Bad grades or toxic relationships can also be patterns that wear us down, burning us out and throwing us into a potential bout of depression and despair. You see? This is one heck of a vicious circle until we decide that enough is enough! But how?

Well, that one only you can answer. Be honest with yourself! That is my first, most important piece of advice to start with. What patterns are getting you into trouble with the life you seek? Would medication help? How about counseling, learning to live in the moment, or a different group of friends? How about therapy for learning not to be so damn hard on yourself (I should talk!)?

You get the point – the great news? You aren’t alone in this! I can promise you that much. In fact, millions of people in North America alone are fighting something they can’t even see – and it takes the form of Adult ADHD! Newly diagnosed men and women come along every day, and I’m deeply inspired to spread awareness through this blog, my Twitter accounts, YouTube, and through my up-coming memoir and future books to help people know that there ARE solutions to living a much fuller, happier life with ADHD!

Let’s spread awareness! Feel free to tell others about this blog and let’s keep this movement going for the millions and millions out there who need to know they aren’t alone!

Thank you for your valuable time! I appreciate you.

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