2013: The Adult ADHD Blog Was Born (and a Lot More)!

2013...From the psych ward to moving across the country, creating the Adult ADHD Blog and a New Mission! - Jeff Emmerson

2013…From the psych ward to moving across the country, creating the Adult ADHD Blog and a New Mission! – Jeff Emmerson

By Jeff Emmerson

God, what a year 2013 was for the author of The Adult ADHD Blog (me)! May I share a few brief points to sum it up?

- I committed myself to the psych ward early in the year after researching ways to end my life for the second time after sabotaging my career efforts with ADHD symptoms that kept hurting my chances with recruiters

- We moved across the entire country of Canada, drove all the way with our two babies (cats), and started a new life in Calgary, Alberta.

- Both our babies passed away within a 3-month period, one on the first night of our road trip to Calgary….Jesus, that tore us apart, and it still aches.

- I started The Adult ADHD Blog on a bit of whim shortly after moving here, and what a wonderful thing it has turned out to become already!

- I was asked to be a weekly Adult ADHD blogger for EverydayHealth.com a few weeks ago, and their audience is literally in the hundreds of thousands!

…..Can you say heartfelt, grateful and awe-inspired? I sure can after the life-changing experiences of this year (sigh)! Jeeze….Frankly, I wouldn’t wish such a year on anyone, and yet I would if it ends off as heart-wrenchingly beautiful as mine has, with such a deep, rich sense of gratefulness for everything that has come my way in my journey! I now live in an exploding, stable economy, have Banff, Alberta just an hour away, the Canadian Rocky Mountains just as close, and loved ones are all healthy, which is the biggest part of all of this! A whole lot of exclamation points in this post, and for good reason! Life isn’t meant to be lived on auto-pilot, nice and neatly experienced. Jesus, no. Let it all out, learn from mistakes, keep following your heart, and remember to be kind to yourself and others as you go, I say! It sure as heck isn’t easy, but it is worth it. As depressed as I was early this year, my eyes have finally been opened to exactly what’s possible when we somehow GET THROUGH the times we want to give up the most! God, you couldn’t have told me that back about 10 months ago, and yet a part of me waved the white flag and listened to my wife when she said “It’s OK to let go and let someone else take care of you!!! You need help, and THAT IS OK!!!

God, we all need to hear that sometimes, right? We sure as heck do. I wish CNN and other huge TV networks would remind us of THAT news every now and then. It’s up to you and me to make a life for ourselves. We can’t expect the masses to do that, since that’s not what they’re taught, and that isn’t what “sells” the most. WE MUST BE THE LEADERS, DAMN IT!

WE. MUST. BE. THE. LEADERS. Can I scream this any louder to the masses?

I’m only here today because of the love, support and kindness of others….that and the fact that I let go of needing to prove myself to society (THAT was what was ironically killing me, as well as my symptoms) and start TRULY living!

Those with true inner courage and some sort of “spark” inside will get this and decide to act on it, if they aren’t already. I LOVE going against the robotic, toxic grain in a positive way that empowers others to live for themselves, not some bullshit ideal. We aren’t in the dark ages anymore. The old guard can die now, and do us all a favour.

Thank you to 2013! I couldn’t imagine a harsher, more beautifully growth-inducing journey to have lived out than the one this year gave to me. I’m forever grateful.

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  1. I truly enjoyed reading your testimony and am super excited for you. You got passed what was “expected” of you, by societal standards, and learned how to like/love yourself for who you are. I’m so very happy for you. Now, just keep that as a constant in your life and remain steady when life throws you a curve. Congratulations!

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