A HUGE Day for Adult ADHD Awareness!

Adult ADHD Blogger and up-coming author Jeff Emmerson is featured on AOL health! A wonderful day for ADHD awareness.

Adult ADHD Blogger and up-coming author Jeff Emmerson is featured on AOL health! A wonderful day for ADHD awareness.

By Jeff Emmerson

WOW! What a day! As of just now (9:18am), I have 558 blog views! That is largely due to AOL picking up my latest adult ADHD article from EverydayHealth.com! There are also over SIXTY comments already! I need to devote my day to keeping up with them, since every little bit is helping to raise the crucial awareness that is needed in mainstream society. What a great thing, with people engaging and talking about their thoughts, feelings and perspectives regarding adult ADHD. Not everyone agrees, and that’s how it should be, since we need to keep an open mind, learn from each other, and recognize that adult ADHD IS very real, but it’s not an excuse. Far from it. People with adult ADHD are some of the most driven, passionate people I know. Heck, look at me, look at the mission I’m on with my up-coming memoir, this blog, and spending countless hours building an online platform to raise awareness! STILL, I battle ADHD every single day, make no mistake. I have already had to take numerous deep breaths today, I’m so excited about how my article (and blog) is literally exploding with views, comments and becoming increasingly viral on the net. I still need to manage my time to even get this blog post done!

I’m overcome with an immense sense of gratitude as I type this. My dead brother Ryan is certainly smiling down, and for the millions and millions of adults suffering from this condition, you have my support, and I’m working hard to get the word to the world, one day at a time, my friends! Some say they have all but given up with the fierce struggle with ADHD, but having been there, I say that help is on the way! The key is to actually take it one hour, one second, and one day at a time, and GET HELP! Keep searching if you haven’t found the right fit doctor-wise, please do not stop, since the right help will make your life so much better, regardless of your age, where you live, and regardless of your past!

Wow, a lot of exclamation points there, but it’s the truth, and I’m passionate. It could be worse. ;)

Anyway, please help spread the word about this blog, adult ADHD in general, and the fact that it is VERY real, damn it! I’m not doing this for the better of my health, this is serious! After nearly hanging myself and living in this body for 37 years, I know 600% that ADHD exists, and it’s not about being lazy – I’m more motivated than a definite percentage of people out there, and I promise you that! That is NOT it (God, I bang my head against the wall when I hear that crap). It goes way beyond laziness! I workout hard enough to make people pass out, and I do it several times a week, with weights, 64-flights of stairs, and a level of intensity that is slightly crazy, I admit. I’m not trying to be self-boastful. I’m telling those who don’t get it: It is NOT a lack of determination!

Thank you to everyone! We are all together in this.

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