Treating Adult ADHD Takes Time (And It’s Worth it!)

Adult ADHD Blog Creator Jeff Emmerson knows that treatment in different forms WILL change your life. It takes the investment.

Adult ADHD Blog Creator Jeff Emmerson (messy hair day) knows that treatment in different forms WILL change your life. It takes the investment.

By Jeff Emmerson

Though the photo might be a bit silly (couldn’t find my darn baseball cap), today’s topic is absolutely massive, as you probably know. Treating adult ADHD is something you’ve got to be open to, and I don’t simply mean medications, either. I don’t even just mean in a medical setting. Everything from exercise to meditation, to socializing regularly with healthy relationships of supportive folk, to simply going for a walk to relax your mind and remind yourself of the “big-picture” can make all the difference in your life. You’ve got to be open-minded to these routes, these tools for improving your day-to-day. You know why? Because we’re always changing, growing older, and life throws us curves and amazing times alike. Nothing stays the same for very long, as I’m finding. Even those who try to “stay” in a particular period of time get passed by, and might suffer as a result of the lack of an open mind to the good things in the present moment. Men – YOU have to really learn that being open about mental health IS COURAGE! That’s another thing. So many of my fellow men out there have so damn much pride getting in their own way that they risk losing it all to that foolish bravado, as I have in the past.

ENOUGH! I’ve had enough of the ignorant stigma, frankly. I cut straight through it with an open mind, self-acceptance, and continuing daily treatment toward living the best life I can. ‘Simple as that. Isn’t it ironic how simple this stuff can be once we at least have a diagnosis! From there, it’s all up to you – how complicated do you want to endlessly make it? How about getting the hell out of your own way a little more each day? I know: it’s not just that simple…..I know, and clearly I’m a bit frustrated at times with how slow we’re evolving from a HUMAN perspective, as opposed to technology. We’ve got to catch up to technology!

A little bit, anyway. Treating adult ADHD isn’t something we buy in a box, like a vitamin for something we might be lacking. No – mental health is a life-long journey, my friends, one you or someone you know have been dealing with for decades, quite possibly. It’s time we spoke up and really kicked awareness to the main stage to help at least get people on the same page. Treatment can be in so many forms, and when we open our minds to try different things, SOMETHING will work! Something will “click,” and you build from there, appreciating the baby steps you’re making. That’s how Rome was built, and as they say, it wasn’t build in a day! Take the racing, distracted mind and stubbornly learn to “tweak” it through exercise, art, meds, stepping back from your electronic devices for a bit each day, getting a better sleep, meditation, yoga, a new hobby, take a course, go to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (which I LOVE!), or try any number of things to help minimize your symptoms, as well as medication, if necessary. That takes courage.

The glass will ALWAYS be half-full, as long as we get the help we might need to see life for what it truly is. I know I have, and I’m not going back to the darkness again. I know better now, because I GOT HELP.


Adult ADHD and My Identity Crisis

I literally lived my life for over a decade WAITING for this licence, hyperfocused at the cost of precious time and memories! - Jeff Emmerson

I literally lived my life for over a decade WAITING for this licence, hyperfocused at the cost of precious time and memories! – Jeff Emmerson

By Jeff Emmerson

Yesterday really hit me hard – my hero, the man who took me to see the music group Hall & Oates live in the summer of 2006 (which inspired my up-coming life story) after raising me with their music and missing them in our small city 15 years earlier, is not well. I won’t go into any more detail out of respect for the man who adopted me at 8 weeks old and NEVER gave up on me, other than to say that the fear for him ties-in perfectly with today’s post! God, does it ever……too much, in fact. It hits one hell of a nerve, so let me explain:

With undiagnosed adult ADHD, I was living to find myself “outside” of myself. That very statement can make or break a person. When we’re having problems with self-identity, seeking it anywhere “out there,” I think we’re living very hard lives, as I did for many years. However, our society is heavily based on who we are in our jobs, and what our title is to a degree, that I suppose we have to come to our own self-awareness as we walk along this journey. I just know that for me, adult ADHD and my identity crisis came full-circle when after waiting for so many damn years to finally get my gun licence (pictured above) to be able to prove myself in society and become an armoured car guard, I sabotaged myself through adult ADHD symptoms! I had come ALL THAT WAY, gone from a jail cell, a criminal record lasting a decade, and stayed clean from trouble, worked my butt off to improve through self-help books, and became obsessed with being in that uniform, entrusted to the nines, only to THROW it away! God, that broke me. That f’ing RIPPED me apart, and yet, I simply couldn’t stop obsessing over my applications with companies, harassing recruiters ’till they thought I was nuts or something.

Identity… careful what you wish for!

When our ADHD minds go from goal to goal, idea to idea, relationship to relationship, job to job, and so on, it takes a massive toll on our hearts, our identity. “What the hell am I meant to do??!” That can literally drive us to depression and worse if we aren’t careful, and ESPECIALLY if we aren’t officially diagnosed! God. Don’t even get me started on that aspect.

Anyway, who you are is NOT strictly what you do for a living. Sure, many of us are fiercely determined for any number of personal reasons, and I get it! I sure do – that’s how I live to a large degree, and I accept it. I’m learning to also stop to smell those ever-elusive roses much more than I ever did before as well, and as the shocking news about my Dad came in by phone yesterday morning after I was heading to bed after a 12-hour night shift, it hit me like a ton of bricks: “Why didn’t I savor those years with my Dad MORE?

Dear God – whatever you do, please remember as much as you can to savor moments with loved ones! They can be ripped from us at any time! Don’t live in fear, either, of course – just appreciate EVERY day in your life a bit more as I’m doing.

Identity can cost us everything, or help us find our true path. Awareness is the entire key to unlocking the bank vault to a better life. Period. I’ve banged my head against a damn wall for decades “trying” to find myself…….I WAS HERE THE ENTIRE TIME!