Living in The Moment With Adult ADHD: Priceless!

Learning to live in the moment more each day can change your life with adult ADHD! It has brought me a whole new sense of gratitude. - Jeff Emmerson

Learning to live in the moment more each day can change your life with adult ADHD! It has brought me a whole new sense of gratitude. – Jeff Emmerson

By Jeff Emmerson

First, let me say that the title isn’t referring to adult ADHD hyperfocus, which I’m very well-known for when I’m passionate about something. I am talking about stopping the racing/distraction in our heads through purposeful, intentional focus on solely the moment at hand – that’s all – JUST the moment right now.

Can you do it, I mean can you really do it? It’s not easy to let go of the control we seek so desperately during our day-to-day. Wow, do I wish I would have realized just how important living in the moment is over the years of my obsession over achieving a mission I was on. I literally “flew” through moments that were so very sacred in life: time with my beloved Dad, my Grandmother, with friends, and other times where I should have been savoring the moment, but all my damn mind could think about was proving myself after being charged and convicted for uttering threats, having a 10-year ban on handling a gun, which WAS my mission (to work for an armored car company, since I loved the idea of the responsibility and protocol after working as a casino security guard for a few years)!

If I only knew what I know now, as they often say. The key is to not dwell on what “might have been.” That’s absolutely HUGE. All that you or I can do is continually learn, my friend! It’s true. Nothing good comes from wallowing in our past, though as a sentimental fool, I do enjoy reflecting on just how far I’ve come in life. I’ve found my own way to live in the moment, to see the big picture of life, and go from thoughts and hopes for the future to coming back to the moment, daydreaming about the past (the good times and challenges I’ve overcome), then back to the moment again, rinse, repeat. Your brain is different from mine, of course, so you’ve got to find your own piece of happiness, your own “routine” of thinking that empowers you. ‘Notice I said EMPOWERS you, not depresses you!

Living in the moment has brought me such peace, even though I have fears, like all of us do. Will I live a full life? That and a ton of other worries enter my mind at times, but I REMEMBER to let go whenever they do, not to give them any additional worry, which just hurts us, makes us feel bad, and wrecks the present moment over something that may never happen! What the hell’s the sense of worry? Maybe so we prepare in positive ways to live the best way possible to minimize risks – sure, but it’s a very fine line between positive worry and ferocious anxiety! The irony is that anxiety hurts our health! That much we know for sure. You guarantee you hurt your health with worry, so why the hell do it? Maybe a medication, therapy or other intervention is desperately needed if your worry is out of control. Are you a “drama queen,” so to speak? Needing attention from others due to your own mental health challenges, your past, or for some other reason? Then do yourself a favor and do something positive about it instead of repeating the same self-sabotaging patterns. Who the hell wants to live like that? No one.

Anyway, living in the moment with Adult ADHD is like a prescription in itself, when we focus on the beauty of life, how lucky we are to have our health, those we love, the sky, food, and the opportunity to follow our hearts! We don’t live in a concentration camp, after all. We aren’t on death row, odds are.

See what I mean? Perspective is everything! Get out of your own small world in your head, open your eyes, and be grateful regularly! What an amazing way to change your life, one day at a time. That’s exactly what I have been doing, and I still push myself to do it every single day. Some days it’s easier than others, and that’s OK, too!

See the messages between the lines here? Time for a change, I say…..Enough is enough of the rat-race dominating us, right? We CAN decide to adopt our own perspective, to change the way we see things, and to witness the things we see change as a direct result. Thank God I did.

My Mission: Help Millions With Adult ADHD!

Finally, Jeff Emmerson has found his true calling after a suicide attempt. What a beautiful, heart-wrenching journey this life is! Thank God I'm still here to witness my dreams coming true!

Finally, Jeff Emmerson has found his true calling after a suicide attempt. What a beautiful, heart-wrenching journey this life is! Thank God I’m still here to witness my dreams coming true!

By Jeff Emmerson

This blog is exploding! Thank God I’ve found my way, my friend. I’m telling you, whatever you’re going through, whatever challenges you face, true joy and happiness is already inside you. “I don’t feel that way, Jeff,” might be your response, and I sure as heck understand why you might say that! I went through the last nearly 38 years of my life trying to find happiness, to “find” a dream that I could achieve that would bring me peace. Yeah, I’ve got my issues – darn right. But we’ve all got our “stuff” to wade through, our own sense of purpose and fulfillment to pursue. You’re really not that different from me. If you have adult ADHD, you’ve got additional challenges to face. Some handle these challenges really well, and others are lost.

This journey I described is your journey, too. Whether or not you’ve got ADHD, you’re in the adventure of a lifetime through every breath. In this busy world, we’ve got to stick together as people who want something better, something of meaning and substance, a true story to admire while we’re alive. We want to be happy! It’s really not that complicated, though the media makes it feel that way on a very regular basis. Well, I’ve found my calling by pouring my heart out, showing you where I went wrong, where I hurt people I love, and how I found my piece of REAL paradise in this flesh and blood existence. I do it so you’ll hopefully be inspired somehow. I do it because you are me. I’m as shy as hell in public, but once you get to know me, watch out. I care very deeply. Now then:

I have a vision of reaching millions. Yes, I want to help millions with adult ADHD, and you know what? I truly, really intensely believe that I can do it! No, I can’t do it alone, and that’s why I’m open to teaming up with people who can help lift me to a higher level of reach, why I’m aligning myself with thought leaders in the ADHD realm, and why I’m continuing to be a freight train for awareness to reach those who desperately need help! My brother died due to mental health issues, as I regularly say in these blog posts, and I nearly did, too. I sometimes wonder if Ryan reached down from above with his ferocious grip from our bodybuilding days, and wouldn’t let his brother die…God.

I know – a tad dramatic, but if you were in my head, in my heart, you wouldn’t question it a bit. My mission to help millions with adult ADHD stems from all I’ve lost, all I’ve won, and the battle I’ve lived in this life. I may be barely 38, but I feel like I’ve lived several lifetimes, this life of mine has been so intensely powerful experience-wise. I wouldn’t take back a moment of it, except where I hurt others….I will always regret that very deeply, but life goes on, and perhaps, helping others by simply sharing my story, research and insight into tools for living a better life will somehow make up for a little bit of what I’ve done. My heart is pure, and I’m my own worst critic.

That said, I’m going to do this, and with the help of amazing people like you helping me spread crucial awareness on this Earth, we will help others, together. You never know what people are going through out there, but what I do know is that thousands are reading these posts, and after only 8 months, I’ve got over 17,000 Twitter followers, hundreds of thousands of views on my EverydayHealth column, and this blog is growing rapidly each week. That says I’m doing something right.

I vow to be a freight train for helping others through my passion, my heart, and my vision. God, what a gift! I’m truly already living the dream. Holy crap, I really am. I need to savor every moment from here on in.

YOU can change everything, even when you feel like you’ve got absolutely NOTHING left. I have to pinch myself sometimes, but I finally, finally, FINALLY did it!

I’ve always been a “dreamer,” you see.        ……..Who’s the dreamer now? ;) BELIEVE.